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Motorcycle Trailers


Bragg Trailers carries a complete line of motorcycle trailers for any need.  Come on out and browse our showroom of new and used motorcycle trailers.

Motorcycle Carrier
The Texas Bragg Motorcycle trailer is built to securely haul your bike or bikes. The standard drop axle ensures ease of use and the built-in channel runners keep your bike positioned perfectly for those long hauls. The Texas Bragg Motorcycle trailer can be configured with as many or few options as you like to fit your needs and budget.


Classic Motorcycle Carrier
The Panel Wagon is great for transporting loose material like sand, rock, mulch, etc. Built on a standard utility trailer frame with 30″ V-Broke sides, it is a strong trailer made to withstand the use and abuse of commercial companies, but is also great for general home or farm use.


Only the best will do at Bragg Trailers.  We proudly sell the best built utility trailer, the trailer people Bragg about!

Texas Bragg Trailers have been proven since 1977, establishing the standards by which all others are measured for utility trailer manufacturing.  From the Little Bragg to the Big Dual Tandem, Texas Bragg Trailers have stood the test of time and durability.  We proudly support the quality our name stands for.

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